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sam&hannahchaiseI’ve been delayed in posting on the Hannah Grace blog, as I’ve recently been asked to become a regular contributor/blogger with The Huffington Post! While the Hannah Grace blog will still continue (in fact, a new Hannah & Sam book is in the works), I’d like to invite you to follow me in The Huffington Post. Click here to view my latest essays and click on the “fan” link to receive notifications of upcoming posts. There’s a sure possibility that you’ll see something about Hannah and Sam in the near future.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – or, rather, the “spartment” – the big news is the heat: for those of you who recall the garret (who could forget?), heat was not a given. However, in the new apartment, the heat is on and H&SdeepconversationHannah, Sam, and I are loving it. Who would’ve thought that adequate heat was not only a basic need but a simple pleasure? And yet it is.

Last year, when family and friends asked what I wanted for the holidays, all I wanted were warm things: slippers, a robe, flannel pajamas. Now, heat is a given. And not only that. The back of my bedroom closet shares a wall with the bathroom, where two heating pipes are located. This means that my clothes are warm in the morning. You can bet Hannah and Sam stay cozy.

Hannah is in love with the local TV weatherman.

Hannah is in love with the local TV weatherman.

One other big piece of news: we have a new TV.  The 1998 Panasonic died a couple weeks ago, so I finally joined the present day and purchased a flat screen television. Hannah and Sam have been infatuated with it. Hannah can sit in front of it for hours. In fact, I think she may be in love with our local weatherman.

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holidays, may you all be surrounded by the warmth of family, friends, and your pets.



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Hannah, her little brother Sam, and I would like to send our best Thanksgiving wishes to you, the readers of the Hannah Grace blog.

Some news: Yesterday, The Somerville News profiled my work as a writer, along with my memoir, Hannah Grace. Click here to read the article.

I will be reading from Hannah Grace at Lesley University’s Sherrill Library Reading Series on December 7 at 7 p.m. The library is located at 89 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA, a five minute walk from the Harvard Square T station. This event will showcase six writers of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, and is free and open to the public. For directions or for more information, contact the Sherrill Library.

And finally, a brief update on the Saga of Sam (The ‘Cat’astrophe): I never found the string toy’s orange string that I believe Sam ingested. Either he never ate it (which I think unlikely as it is simply gone), his intestines ground it to bits, or it’s still somewhere in his body. This morning, however, I did find half of my bathrobe’s ribbon-like tie in the litter box, holding together two rather lengthy pieces of Sam’s poop. I believe he ingested this product an estimated 2.5 weeks ago, when the garret closet door was broken and I left my robe hanging over the top of my bedroom door. I arrived home from a long day at work to put on the robe, when I found bite marks and saliva all over the tie. After that, if you can believe it, my lazy landlord fixed the closet door (miracle of miracles!) and I put the robe out of sight. Because of all that has been going on lately, I hadn’t assessed that part of it had been chomped off. I am, frankly, amazed that this item stayed in his system this long; the vet had told me I would find any foreign ingested materials within 24-48 hours. It’s my hope that the probiotic Sam has been taking now for the past two weeks has been a cleansing agent of sorts.

Perhaps I will find the orange string a week from now, deposited neatly in the litter box. I am just trying to remind myself not to worry, as the vet said, because Sam has been behaving like his usual self. I have asked Hannah (since Sam is obviously not listening to me) to have a big sister cat-to-cat heart-to-heart with him, and to stress that if he’ll just stop eating things that are not edible he might stop stinking up the litter box.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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