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The Dodo

ImageWinter has been interminable here in the northeast. Hannah and Sam have provided much warmth and snuggling (and humor) snowstorm after snowstorm. Although I was sick for two months, Hannah and Sam have been healthy, to my relief.

In other news, The Dodo, a new website dedicated to our relationship with animals, was recently launched by the former CEO of Salon.com, Kerry Lauerman. Several weeks ago, Lauerman invited me to become a founding regular contributor to the budding site. So I began the first of a series of featured posts that will tell the story of my life with Hannah and Sam, starting at the very beginning, with my adoption of Hannah: “My Cat And I Healed From Trauma Together.” You can follow my posts here. Some of my posts will be culled from the Hannah Grace blog, while others will be new stories from our present-day life and times. I’d love for you to follow me there!

The Dodo is open to community posts from the general public as well. If you have a story to share, go to The Dodo and find out how!




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