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Happy Holidays!

DSCN1586Hannah and her little brother Sam would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season! Wherever you are, we hope there’s a furry friend nearby to keep you company.

This year, I’m grateful that we live in “the spartment,” and that my cats are healthy and happy. Hannah enjoys curling up next to me on the couch and purring as long as I’m there; meanwhile, Sam enjoys stretching out in the cat tree across the room, or right above Hannah, as if he thinks she’s going to give up her alpha status. Hannah has already told him that’s not going to happen. Ever.

Recently, I published an essay in The Huffington Post on the healing power of my therapist’s (non-therapy) dog. Click here to read my story, “Harley & Me: The Power of (a Dog’s) Love.” I’d love to hear what you think (Hannah and Sam have already requested I write about them next).

See you in 2014~



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